Product Features

Lighting Options

Our lighting is built right into our cabinets for a flush, sleek, finished look.  With advanced capabilities of a full range of cool to warm lighting on a single unit, you can change the mood of any room with a small remote.

Pull-out drawers

Whether it’s a base cabinet with a door, a tall pantry cabinet, or a blind corner cabinet, our pull-out drawers make any kitchen more functional.

Drawer Accessories

From cutlery inserts to waste collection solutions, the accessories available are top notch in quality, versatility and function.

Unique Design

Rounded cabinets, angled cabinets, handle-less options, or hidden inner drawers.  The sky is the limit when designing a sleek and clean space with your individuality in mind.


Whether you want something modern or traditional, we can accommodate you in all your design needs.  We love helping people make their spaces beautiful and functional.

Quality Installation

We offer full installation on every project.  We ensure that our installers have everything done to your satisfaction.


We work closely with a local shop to provide you with high quality appliances and service.  Check them out here

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